Sunday, June 10, 2012

Babies and Books

This was our weekend!  Saturday was incredibly lazy... We laid around the house and watched "I Love Lucy" re-runs.  That evening, we went to a Gender Reveal Party for our friends Chad and Lexi.  Adam and I were on Team Blue.

This morning at church, we talked about 1 Thessalonians and communication with God and each other.  In an effort to better communicate with each other, Kelsey, Vegas, Adam, and I went to have burgers and chat after church. (Actually, we just really wanted onion rings... but we do like to talk!) Baby Layne provided endless entertainment for the table. He really is just the funniest kid!

And of course, you know I have to squeeze in time to read and hang out with Diesel!  I'm reading The Reading Group by Elizabeth Noble.  I am SUPPOSED to be reading the books I assigned to my students over the summer, but I haven't quite gotten motivated yet.  I think this week is going to call for a trip to the library!

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